February 11, 2017


Manifest Emily

I was talking to the owner of a heritage home in Powell River’s Townsite who kindly showed me the exteriors of his house and the garden at the back.  I asked him for a recommendation for a breakfast place.  He uttered “Magpie’s” which is in Cranberry, a suburb adjacent to Townsite.  It was a quick 10-minute drive.

See the words in the sidewalk signage "Food That Makes You Fell Good Again!

Magpie’s Diner is in a big space with a long shelf of books lining the wall behind the counter - the kitchen visible through a window square hole.  

My Magpie’s Not-So-Big Breakfast ~ Cad$ 10.00 consisted of 1 large egg, hashbrowns, 1 slice of toast, 1 pork sausage, 1 bacon slice and 1 slice Canadian back bacon. If you double everything, for an additional Cad$ 4.00, it’s called Magpie’s Big Breakfast.  The diner claims to make everything from scratch, though I think the hashbrowns and bread were too perfect in shape – the kind you get from a supplier.  It was alright which included a tiny paper tub sampler of their in-house made blackberry jam.  When it’s that small – everything seems to taste better.

The small tub of the diner's own concoction of blackberry jam

While waiting for my turn to pay, I overheard my server who was now functioning as the cashier talked with a couple about the overnight snow now all over.  Emily said, “We need to manifest the snow.”  Manifest the snow?  Never heard of that before.  So curious me asked Emily did she really say “manifest”?  As in “reveal” the snow?  "Show" the snow?  What did she mean?  She laughed and explained she often listens to self-help radio programs where often the advise is to self-manifest as in to see the inner self and accept who you are. 

I guess Emily meant we have to accept the snow outside and its slowing down effects in commute, the need to shovel the sidewalk, etc. etc. and go on with day to day life.  Let us manifest ("accept") the snow.  Let us manifest the idiosyncrasies of life.

Emily was right.  There are things beyond our control and we have to live with it to our very best.  Otherwise, what is your choice?

To be continued …

Note: Magpie's Diner used to be located inside the Rodmay Heritage Hotel in Powell River's Townsite

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