February 12, 2017


The people I met in my holiday at the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada have been very friendly.  I was asking a gas attendant where I can get cheap but good breakfast – he said Tim Hortons and at that point a man came in and in a friendly tone offered me directions. This is one of numerous turns of kindness.

But let us start when I started my trip.

After leaving home at 11 am to ensure me and my car would have a slot, I boarded the 1 pm ferry boat at Horseshoe Bay to sail to Langdale terminal 45 minutes away.  From Langdale, I drove for around an hour the length of the Sunshine Coast Highway to the very end Earl’s Cove where I had to board another ferry to Saltery Bay, 30 minutes away. 

It was a dark December 5:30ish when we disembarked and I was hungry.  Thankful I had data.  I was able to find online an interesting sounding place to eat, Skeeters Jacks, which turned out to be popular among the locals.  Tonight was the first of my friendly encounters.

Vanessa was the welcoming server who served the last beef ribs special for the night.  It was good.  But the tempting selection of cheesecakes and cakes in the big glass display was not the best.

BTW, there was no sunshine while I was in the Sunshine Coast for the first week of December 2017.  It was overcast or snowy or rain.

To be continued …

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