February 8, 2017


Aileen Perrett

I wanted to see the Historic General Store as advertised on a street signage along the Sunshine Coast Highway or Highway 101.  So I drove in to the hamlet of Half Moon Bay half an hour northwest of Sechelt BC.  The General Store was still closed at around 8:30 am but the Half Moon Bay Café next door was already open. 

The owner and baker for the day Aileen Perrett said I could wait in her place.  Her kindness led me to inquire what was bakingly so nostril-good.  Aileen said her blueberry scones should be ready soon.  They were chockful of fresh blueberries with that home-made vibe rather than abakery. $3.25 each.

Blueberry Scone

Her Amaretto Globes with an almond paste inside were scrummy.  I bought several to munch later. CAD$2.75 each or CAD$9 for a pack of four.

She said her brother who owns Elysian Coffee Cafes in Vancouver makes the same items, and indeed, they do as I confirmed when I got back.  Half Moon Bay is in Facebook or call Tel: 604 885 3600.  They close early during winter – like 4 pm.

Since I was going further north, Aileen tipped there is a good butcher inside the Oak Tree Supermarket farther up Madeira Park.

The Historic General Store other than the façade did not evoke history inside which was a regular 2016 convenience store.  It was selling ultra-pricey Christopher Norman chocolates handcrafted (they use the term “artisanal”) within the hamlet of Half Moon Bay.  At almost CAD$6 each for a 5 inch by an inch bar – Holy Smoke!

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