January 13, 2016

The Genuine Panettone

My second Panettone was more expensive CAD$12.50 (at 50% sale) partly due to it coming in a nice round Christmas tin. It had also more fruit: candied orange, orange/citrus peels, and sultanas.  The brand name was Borsari – a Classico style – from Italy of course.

True Panettone – the ones made in Italy, particularly in the city of Milan must be made by law from butter and beer yeast.  But the rules do not apply for those shipped outside Italy, like the two I got were made from butter and natural yeast (wheat flour).

Do not confuse Panettone (also spelled Panettoni) with another Italian Christmas sweet bread Pandoro (also spelled Pandori) – see Panettone or Pandoro: An Italian Christmas Dilemma

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