January 9, 2016


This is a program I structured in consultation with the debutante, her older sister and occasionally an input from their mom Sue.  I was also the emcee.  Note: the part where there is a surprise wedding anniversary celebration of Mom and Dad - we had to give it a secret coding "to request Justin Bieber"

Debutante Joanne Turns 18 (with a surprise 25th wedding anniversary for Mom Sue and Dad Ed)
Saturday January 9, 2016 from 5 pm to 1 am
Royal Palace Banquet Hall, 7845 Edmonds Street Burnaby BC Canada
Banquet Hall Manager/Owner Harun - Tel (604) 521-6969
Harun’s e-mail  royalpalace7845@gmail.com
RSVP 778 xxx xxxx Mom Sue or Sister Chelsea  778 yyy yyyy

Two weeks before
Research on history of debut, debutante, cotillion, why we blow birthday cake candles after making a wish – trivia that will help emcee during lulls in the program – break awkward pauses
Wednesday  January 6, 2016

Emcee get Haircut
Emcee iron clothes and prep suit, accessories (belt, hanky, watch, ring, cuff links), shine leather shoes

January 7

Give copy of draft program to Debutante and sister for review and discuss
Get address of Costco Richmond + Costco card + note – Louise is bakery contact ordered wedding anniversary cake Monday night Jan 4, 2016 to be picked up Saturday Jan 9, 2016

Emcee practice names of people in program

January 8

Get garbage bags or boxes for transporting stuff to and fro
Print at least  5 copies of final program (two for emcee in case you lose one, one for DJ with music cues, one for photographer, one for banquet hall)
Sparklers for wedding anniversary cake – Joanne will buy
Things to bring: Guest Book, matches (for sparklers), Safety pins, Cloth Stain remover, First Aid Kit, Debutante lobby Banner, Table Numbers for draw on which table goes next to line up for dinner and vase or box – Emcee prepares
Get Costco card and note from Chelsea (emcee is not Costco member but will pick up cake)
Flower receipt from Winnie’s Florist
Recharge Emcee cell phone
Prepare Emcee’s wallet
Water bottle for Emcee
Emcee to bring suit, shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne, mouthwash
Matches for assistants Saki and Yuki     
Vase for 18 roses
Bough and sashes for Cotillion De Honour guys and gals including guys of 18 Roses and gals of 18 candles
Small easel for Signing Tree 25th wedding anniversary frame

Emcee buy bananas (carbs) for breakfast on January 9th

Emcee Treadmill for one hour – burn fat/calories

Emcee Juice Diet, No Salt, No Sugar to Cut waistline

Try clothes, prep accessories and toiletries

E-mail DJ
Hi JayR  (DJ)
I was thinking a song before the program starts would be a good signal to everyone that the program is starting as well as to warm up the audience.  I will cue you.
A suggestion: “Party For Two” by Shania Twain with Mark McGrath
Another good song appropriate for you as a DJ is “Can You Hear Me” by Enrique Iglesias.
An upbeat Pilipino song is “Halika Na” by Maja Salvador featuring Abra
Only if you have time to incorporate the above songs

January 9

8 am

Emcee eat heavy natural carb breakfast e.g. Bananas
Juice Diet, No Salt, No Sugar to Cut waistline

9 am

Emcee get rental car

Make program copies at Staples
110-2780 Sweden Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2X1

12 Noon

Pick up cake at Costco
9151 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3L9

As per Sue’s request pick up puto (rice cakes) at Amy’s:  140 East 61st Avenue (between Main and Ontario) 604 726 5643

1:00 pm

Pick up Flowers at Winnie’s 41st and Victoria Drive  - Hanson 1983 E 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5P 1L1
Phone:(604) 327-7566
Make sure thorns have been scraped from 18 Roses
Bouquet – roses, lilies gerbera daisies, baby breath stargazer,

Emcee to take in rental car: Sashes, boughs, souvenir mementos, table assignments, banners, 18 Roses, Bouquet, 18 candles, boutonniere, programs, puto, cake, liquor/beer, guest book, etc. etc.

Emcee shower, dress up

1:45 pm

Emcee pick up assistants Saki and Yuki and drive to Royal Palace Banquet Hall

2:15 pm

Drive to Banquet Hall to be there by 3 pm

At Banquet Hall, park car closest to the door – easier carrying stuff back and forth

Remind Chelsea to constantly check on sister Joanne during party – see what Joanne needs

Get key for Banquet Hall dressing room and train Saki/Yuki to watch dressing room door– inform Sue and cotillion - about security measures

In Banquet Hall ask Floor Captain Adam to hide secret wedding anniversary cake  and set it up later on tray – bring out on appointed time

Tell Yuki to get plate dinner for emcee

Tell DJ, photographer Roland Benjamin, and Photo Booth staff when to get dinner and coordinate with emcee.
Photo Booth is a vendor who sets up a photo corner where people can wear accessories (fedora/sunglasses provided), get their pictures taken and the free photos are printed right away as memorabilia

Connect with DJ, discuss music, check microphones, troubleshoot, IMPT: get code for phones if music is coming from cell phones or androids

Check slide show re debutante with Arun is the banquet hall techie guy.

place Guest Book in table 1/position banner/place pens/ scotch tape/yellow markers in strategic

Position Easel for signing tree frame (for secret wedding anniversary) in cake table

Request Cake knife from Banquet Floor Captain Adam – position on debutante cake table

Talk with Banquet kitchen about timing of dinner

Check Seat of Honour or Grand Chair for debutante

Check Debutante’s cake table (the debutante has a special 3-layer cake to be picked up by mom), special box for gift money envelopes

Position vase with dinner table numbers near emcee

Position Debutante’s Seat of Honour or called Grand Chair

Liquor Bar – announce rules? – make sure the liquor license is available (BC law); BAR Service – 2 pieces of ID required; The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19 years of age.
Talk with four talents singers/dancers about their number; Check names of talent, practice names

Request cotillion member Donna Castro to introduce emcee to everyone – other Cotillion members

Distribute Bow Ties and sashes to guys and gals who are in dressing room

Request Yuki to keep an eye on Gift Envelope boxes throughout party

Get 8 x 2 table near power outlet for Photo Booth (for their accessories)

Tell songstress Shella Beinito when only two tables are left to be called for dinner – she will be called to sing, then that is the cue for dancers Jean-Beau Bagunu and Olivia Luo to change to their dancing attire

Put vase with draw numbers on table near emcee

Reserve in one table seat emcee’s name.  Always have the emcee’s toast glass ready with water or wine

Get keepsake (if you are talking about it), matches in emcee’s pocket

Tell Saki and Yuki we will be checking for Lost and Found all over at the end of the

Connect with photographer, DJ, Photo Booth person, Abel and Adam catering floor captains

Emcee to change into stage attire

Throughout the program, always consult with debutante, her parents, her sister regarding changes in the program or unplanned announcements
4 pm
 Re – rehearse entrance  of 18 Roses (guys), 18 candles (gals), and the Cotillion De Honour
5 pm
Opening Remarks
Guests arriving
Photo Booth sets up
Find out where public washrooms or restrooms or CR
Are appetizers at all tables?
Chelsea hand in dressing room key and guest book to Saki
Make sure red roses and candles in dressing room
Position Seat of Honour on dance floor/stage
Find out when Photo Booth opens, takes a break, and closes

Guest Book –Saki
Jake Emcee go to Photo Booth

5:50 pm

Chelsea hand in bouquet to mom Sue before intro procession

5:55 pm

DJ play warm up song
Suggested Song “Party For Two” by Shania Twain with Mark McGrath

Emcee get wine toast glass ready – Move seat of honor center stage – Always have wine toast glass near emcee
STAND Where all can see you as EMCEE
Introduce Yourself

6 pm
Grand Entrance
Entrance of Cotillion de Honour :

Sister Ilocos escorted by Michael Kolasa
Taryn Howard escorted by Francis Sediego
Michelle Mendez escorted by Michael Montana
Tiffany Epistola escorted by Kristofer Deguzman
Vanessa Estanislao escorted by Jr Villena
Danielle Bato escorted by Mario D'Rozario
Rebecca Berenger escorted by Arthur Raymundo
Donna Castro escorted by Jean-Beau Bagunu

Brother Ilocos

Edwin and Susan Ilocos carrying bouquet

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen:
Ladies and Gentlemen, let us welcome our Debutante and Her escort.  Please rise and applaud

Joanne Ilocos escorted by Mark Escort

The debutante is often escorted to a seat of honor by members of the cotillion court to symbolize her entrance into breaking out into as a grown woman.

Music by DJ ?
Where do they go?

Seat of Honour moved center

Nothing On You By Bruno Mars

Hand in Bouquet  from Mom to Debutante - emcee to explain symbolism “Mom telling daughter she can take care of matters of life but Mom will always be there for advice”

Toast For Debutante
Jake Emcee
Families and Friends – may I request you to fill up your glasses ....

Ladies and Gentle, may I request you to remain standing and raise your glasses (whether  wine or beverage or water)

May this 18th year and more years to come bring you the very best of happiness health and blessings!

To our Debutante     Cheers
Joanne seated with Cotillion group

How do the Cotillion members get their glasses for the Toast?

Slide Show re Joanne
Please Be Seated
4 minutes
Joanne Seated in Seat of Honour
6:30 pm
Dinner Prayer
Our Father In Heaven
We give thanks for the pleasure of gathering together for this occasion

We give thanks for this food prepared by loving hands
We give thanks for life, the freedom to enjoy it all and all other blessings

As we partake of this food
We pray for health and strength
To carry on and try to live as you would have in us

Bless our debutante Joanne Ilocos as we celebrate her 18th Birthday

We ask all of this in the name of Christ, Our Heavenly Father 

Dinner Guidelines – so we will be fair
We will call on parental table first – take a picture – then they can proceed to the dining spread
Followed by the Cotillion – a picture – with the debutante and her escort – then they can walk over to our selection
The food will be out there all night – so no worries
I will ask Joanne to pick first number (like a draw) to indicate next table.  That table will have a picture with our celebrant but before lining up – choose one family member to have a souvenir – a gift from the Ilocos family – only one souvenir per family, and then pick the next table and then dinner
Describe Memento or a Keepsake
as a gesture of thanks for your attendance, a memento of the occasion

The memento will now be in a table – no announcement – people will be told at the end of the evening’s program by word-of-mouth.

Photo Booth
Photo Booth/
Guest Book -where?

Joanne Seated in Seat of Honour with Mark Escort

Joanne to hand over bouquet to Saki to store back in dressing room

Joanne and Mark to take pictures with everyone
Guest Book where? – Saki

Sister and friend to get food for Joanne and Mark

Parental Table

Cotillion De Honour

Draw tables # 2 -21

Souvenirs – only one per family

Picture Taking Proper
With escort first
With Family second
With Cotillion third
Table Chosen – Picture – Souvenir - Dinner
Roland: Joanne and Mark to take pictures per table, with family, with cotillion, with Emcee
6:30 pm
Song by Sheila Benito Bautista during dinner
When last 2 tables: advise Sheila Benito Bautista, Beau and Olivia to get ready
Sheila Beinito Bautista sings ?
Photo Booth/ Guest Book

6: 40 pm
Dance by Jean-Beau Bagunu and Olivia Luo
Jean-Beau Bagunu and Olivia Luo dances to ?
Photo Booth

Joanne  and Mark to move to table – grab something to eat

7 :20 pm

Cotillion de Honour Dance
One of the main events: a 2015 take on
GRAND  Cotillion De Honour Dance (not waltz):

Rebecca Berenger & Arthur Raymundo
Vanessa Estanislao& Jr Villena
Sister Ilocos & Michael Kolasa
MiSister Mendez & Michael Montana 
Taryn Howard & Francis Sediego
Tiffany Epistola & Kristofer Deguzman
Danielle Bato & Mario D'Rozario
Donna Castro & Jean-Beau Bagunu

Joanne Ilocos & Mark Escort

The debutante is often escorted to a seat of honor by members of the cotillion court to symbolize her entrance into breaking out into as a grown woman.
Photo Booth closes?

After dance cotillion group return to their tables


Move chair for Joanne

7:30 pm
18 Treasures
We have now reached the stage where our debutante shall be given meaningful gifts by friends of the family who were 18 once and know the aspirations of a debutante, as starts to live as a young woman.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome former debutantes themselves our 18 Treasure Bearers:

Mom Sue to provide names for last minute replacements.

Magdalena Montana
Erlinda Escort
Lorraine Hicban
Jane Tolentino

Shirley Apostol
Violeta Fernando
Marie Barroga
Nova Ocampo

Rose Balmer
Linda Oandasan
Eva Dyrda

Maribel Ganal
Espie Nixon
Edna Caliboso
Rose Macuday

Luz Delos Santos
Nancy Retuta
 Note: some ladies would like to go together

Request all to go one side for group picture later

Solo Pictures only

Saki and Yuki to collect gifts and bring to dressing room – lock later
Guest Book - Saki in charge to circulate

7:45 pm

18 Roses and 18 Candles go to the Lobby to prep

8 pm
Father and Daughter Dance
Song: Dance With My Father Time: 4:19
Father’s Speech
Saki get roses in dressing room and hand in to Sister to hand in to boys
PICTURE of DAD with Joanne

8:20 pm
18 Roses
A Rose has many meanings but one of its meaning is a combination of Respect and Friendship

Brother  Ilocos

Gilbert Ortiz
Christian Costales
Dylan Viray

Albert Camales
Tomaso Loschiavo
Jarod Turallo
Matthew De Ocampo

Jr Villena
Francis Sediego
Mario D Rozario
Kristofer Deguzman

Arthur Raymundo
Michael Kolasa
Jean-Beau Bagunu
Philip Montana

Michael Montana
Mark Escort

PICTURE with Roses
Group Picture

Saki to get roses when too many and bring to dressing room

Saki gets roses from Joanne and store in dressing room.  Lock dressing room please.

9:10 pm
18 Candles
Candle lits up darkness, gives direction in the journey of life, warmth, a symbol of worship to God
If a candle is never lit, it never fulfills its purpose.
Eighteen women who play a prominent role in the debutante's life take turns lighting candles that symbolize their commitment to guide and support the young woman through her life.

Kathleen Ferrer
Mariel Operana
Romanne Hall
Teresa Seo

Trisha Lictawa
Emma Bernabe
Karissa Cheng
Nicole Yuen

MiSister Lam
Lauren Gavilan

Tiffany Epistola
MiSister Mendez

Taryn Howard
Danielle Bato
Vanessa Estanislao
Rebecca Berenger

Donna Castro
Sister  Ilocos

Guest Book
9:30 pm
Mother’s Speech      Mrs. Susan Ilocos

9:35 pm


9:45 pm
Blowing and Cutting of Cake
The blowing out of the candles on the birthday cake originated from an early tradition that believed that the smoke from the candles would take one’s wish or petition up to God.
Make a wish!

9:50 pm
Dance by

Dance by  Mikayla Malabuyoc
and Jordan Linsangan dances to  ?
Move Joanne’s Seat of Honour
9:55 pm
Song by
Roland Eslava sings ?
Seat of Honour Back for Joanne
10:00 pm
Debutante’s Speech
Ms. Joanne Ilocos

10:05 pm
Invite Sister, debutante Joanne and Brother for surprise announcement of wedding anniversary
Surprise Wedding Anniversary Announcement of Mom Sue and Dad Ed

Emcee talk with Abel and Adam re surprise wedding anniversary  cake when to bring out
Sparklers Lit
Yuki to position cake

10:10 pm
Wedding celebrants Mom and Dad might dance
PICTURE OF Wedding Anniversary couple Mom Sue and Dad Ed
Please rise up and raise your glasses again!

Toast To Wedding Anniversary Celebrants
TO The ______________  DATE ....

Closing Remarks by
EMCEE  - Are You Ready To Party?  (to the guests) repeat with more oomph - - Are You Ready To Party? 

10:30 pm
Everybody Dance
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
Last Call for Dinner. SIGN Wedding Anniversary Signing Tree Frame
Guest Book

Emcee EAT

Request people again to SIGN FRAME and GUEST BOOK

01:00:00 AM

WRAP UP   (Party Over at 12 Midnight –earlier than planned)

DJ’s name
Jay or JR 778 929 6734

Catering Hall contacts
Manager Harun says to contact Hall Captains Abel and Adam  (604) 521-6969
Nilufar – Afghan lady prepping tables

Where are they?

Facebook announcement

Twitter Hash Tags

Pick up Remaining Food, cake, drinks/wine, souvenirs to car

Pick up Gifts, Candles, Roses, vases, Money Envelopes, mementos to car

Pick up remaining Liquor to car

Check for Lost and Found all over – Saki and Yuki

Get banner/guest books to car

Get Sign Frame  and EASEL to car trunk

Thank you in person  DJ, photographer Roland, Royal Palace Banquet Staff (Sid, Adam, Abel and kitchen crew, servers)
A few days after
E-mail Banquet Hall Owner and others to express gratitude

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