January 16, 2016

K-Café at Keremeos British Columbia Canada

A week earlier on my way to Penticton, I walked into the café realizing it holds more promise for breakfast than dinner.

So on my way back to Vancouver, I wasn’t sure it will be open that early, i.e. before 9 am because in most BC small towns, life takes a snooze on Sundays mornings.

But Keremeos is the Fruit Stand Capital of Canada.  People do drive along Highway 3 between Vancouver and the wineries of the Okanagan Valley on Sundays, and the fruit stands were ready just as flowers are to bees.  So was K-Café.  The K actually stands for somewhat of a K-shaped clearing on the mountain overlooking the town.  Look south for it.
After a tipsy week of sophistication (at least I want to think it was), that is wine tastings, cheese, pate, and petite baguettes in the Okanagan Valley, I was looking for comfort food in a no-snobbery cafe.   

My Breakfast Special order at K-Cafe was CAD$ 7.25 plus tax.  It arrived within 10 minutes in spite of four other tables waiting.  The key here is to order what you think is the most popular – the basics – because the kitchen will cook them en masse – hence you will get it quicker.

Janet with a smile served me the substantial plate of golden hash browns (potatoes), bacon, two eggs and buttered toasts.  It was good, diner-style filling breakfast – translation: all that tasty fat and grease in acceptable amounts.

Later I had a chat with the cook Violet who warmly showed me her frying tasks in the sizzling hot plate griddle.  

Everyone was friendly even John the cashier .  The place is open 7 days a week 8 am to 6:45 pm.  Closed on Christmas.  Located on the only main street, 7th  Avenue (which is Highway 3) at Keremeos – you won’t miss it with a big K sign on its roof.  Tel. 250 486 1324

No need for reservations.

K- Café gets my vote as genuine Canadiana.

Across K- Café is a (the only) Thai Restaurant in town.  People in Osoyoos (also part of the Okanagan) were raving about Benja Thai.  I tried their Pad Thai sometime in the middle of my trip when I drove a circle route late afternoon – but the noodle dish was not outstanding.

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