May 18, 2014


Last night a friend gave a bag of Uraro cookies.   It came from the Philippines.  I remember eating Uraros at childhood. Since then I don’t recall having eaten any at all. 

Uraro cookie has that crunch but it doesn’t last for more than a second.  Firm to the lips, powdery inside, the cookie has just the right texture or granulation to tickle the tongue.  Once bitten it quickly crumbles and melts in your mouth like ice cream in a dry way. 

What makes Uraro Uraro is it’s key ingredient arrowroot flour.  Jenn, blogger - wrote that the arrowroot plant is also called araru or ararao in the Philippines hence the name, which sounds close to "arrowroot".

This morning I saw my favorite ice cream on sale: Breyers Creamery Style Natural Vanilla  1.66 Liters at CAD$3.97, down from CAD$7.87.  On my walk back home, across the park, for no rhyme or reason, the idea of mixing Uraro cookies and vanilla ice cream gushed out of my mind.  Will it work like Cookies and Cream ice cream?

The answer: better in my book.  Uraro’s light arrowroot flavor compliments that of vanilla.  I will suggest to an ice cream company back in the Philippines to explore the idea.

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