May 17, 2014


In Vancouver BC

Sunshine and freshly mowed grass in the park is a rare and terrific eclipse.

No set up here – this is what I gleaned simply by walking through.

Summer though does not officially begin till June 21, 2014 – the longest day of the year when the earth’s North Pole tilts towards the sun  at 23.5 degrees.   This phenomena called the Summer Solstice will happen at 3:51 am PDT.  Hold on tight!    Just kidding. 

How come we will not sense anything at all?  Because everything is tilting with us and the movement is very smooth.  In everyday life we feel the tilt because we see our incline relative to a chair, a tree, etc.  And it happens fast. It is all about relativity.

In North America –we could see on June 21st, a Saturday, 14 ½ hours of daylight.  Time to take a long road trip.

Sandals by Chaco

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