January 31, 2014


It was my first ever Chinese New Year dinner January 31, 2014 – the lunar year of the Horse.

The Vancouver Singapore Club was hosting at CAD$ 65.00 per person a 12 course meal with a chance to win a RT ticket to Singapore (I did not win). Venue: Continental Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver

Guess what the recurring theme of a Chinese New Year is - based on the pictures.  Answer at the end.

The menu for the evening was

B.B.Q. Combination Platter – really BBQ not grilled

Deep Fried Crab Claws – more starchy as in potato than crabs
Braised Dry Oysters with vegetables – the oysters flavor was undermined by the sauce of the vegetables. My tablemates Ken and Helen, retirees from Singapore, said oysters (almost) round shape means good fortune and the seaweed represents long hair – a possible ward against balding?

Shredded Chicken with Fish Maw soup  - like chicken noodle soup without the noodle but fish maw instead

Jumbo Prawns with supreme soy sauce – this was good
Chinese Mushroom with Mustard Greens - slimy in a good way


Crispy Chicken – delish and the shrimp crackers was good company
Sautéed and Deep Fried Fish Fillet with vegetables – a bit salty for me.  Traditionally one should serve the fish whole with head intact for Chinese New Year - but not for a big banquet I guess


Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood - pale and wan with only small shrimps as seafood


Braised E-Fu noodles with abalone sauce – the noodles were supposed to be uncut to signify long-life.  Well tonight everyone was doomed.  As for the abalone sauce – it was a silky soy sauce like but not quite.  Nothing I would hanker for.
Chinese Dainty– passable cookies.  Surprisingly no Chinese moon cake or tikoy.

Dessert – glutinous sticky rice flour balls in mung bean syrup – so so

Although it was 12 course – it really was not that filling considering you have to split whatever was served on the platter with 9 other people.

And the drinks were Coke (mine was purposely diluted), cold water (I had to request this), hot tea and hot water (which were already lukewarm  when we sat at the dinner table around 6:30 pm).  Dinner was not to officially begin till 7 pm but commenced 40 minutes late.

And the theme?  Round, circle – to represent coinage, money ushering prosperity for the Year of the Horse.

As to what 2014 holds, please see this video:






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