January 21, 2014

In Search of the Best Croissant in Seattle

I don’t usually do Food Reviews but in Seattle, where there is an unstated quest to make the best croissant outside of France, I thought it merits to special mention Crumble & Flake. 

Why?  After having thousands of croissants all over the world, this patisserie is a standout.  The master baker still presides everyday over small batches – and that is a tell-tale sign. 
There are similar visible-chef
establishments in Seattle or Vancouver BC but the buttery melt-in-your mouth croissant at C & F has the right crunch, airiness and yes flakiness. 

No wonder inspite of the rain, there was a line already at 7 in the morning – and this happens every day.
A close competition would be Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle.  I’m sure in a blind test, both would probably be even in scores – but there is something about the small scaleness to-go only at C & F that mentally beats the sit-down industrial kitchen at Bakery Nouveau.

Since there was no place to sit down at Crumble & Flake, I had to use the backseat of my car with copy paper substituting for a table cloth.  With a very expensive goat brie cheese from Whole Foods and a good North Roaster coffee, also from C& F, it was a superb breakfast. See the crumbles and flakes?

Did you know that in France a straight-shaped croissant is made from pure butter whereas a crescent moon means fat other than butter, like margarine, was used.  So next time you order one, say “make mine straight” and you are not talking liquor.





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