February 2, 2013

Mattie's Pancake House in Brookings Oregon

Shortly after crossing the California Oregon Border – the beginning of my early morning north drive on the scenic coastal Highway 101, I spotted a distinctly blue and white Mattie’s Pancake House.    Perfect! 

I requested to be sitted at the counter table facing the kitchen – I wanted to see the action.  Since it called itself a Pancake House – pancake it will be or something close.  I ordered Swedish Crepe with Lingonberry Butter  (US$7.25).   For some subconscious reason, I had to have Swedish.

Was the bluish Swedish flag in the inner recesses of my cerebrum?

Or was it my curiosity on the Lingonberry –a tart red berry less bitter than their relative cranberry.  

I found out that Mattie’s Pancake House has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1981.  No dinners and closed on Sundays.  It opens at 6 am and last order is at 1:45 pm (Mondays to Saturdays).  See their 2 page web site with a most unusual location detail – in terms of Latitude = 42.0421 (4 decimal places!) and Longitude = -124.2496 (westward).  And no address or telephone number unless you click on the map link.  

The Swedish Crepe was good.  Mattie’s certainly deserves its local Reader’s Choice Award for Best Breakfast for a number of years.

Truly Mattie’s  is genuine Americana – friendly warm smiling service, American cooking touch even though my order was called Swedish, and the menu prices – affordable, decent mark ups.  Gave a higher than normal tip (no taxes to begin with – remember this is Oregon).  Next time I am in the area, I am coming back.

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