July 31, 2016

Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival Rotary Beef Barbeque

The above is a long title but I have to for the sake of SEO.

Anyway,  Canada’s premier Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival, this July 31st, a tradition since 1958 is the Rotary Beef Barbecue.  The festival will celebrate its 60th in 2017.


So I had to have one.  It is a Barbecue sandwich close to the pulled pork style, but this time it’s beef.  One of the barbecue-ers said they used Bottom Round last year but this year it is Outside Round.  But based on research, I found out the terms refer to the same thing, see http://www.themeatsource.com/bottomroundroast.html

The gentleman said they order 1500 – 1700lbs from Save-On for the 2 day event.  Each barbecue bun costs CAD$7.00.  For condiments, I was advised to add horseradish a deviation from the usual catsup and mustard.  In addition I was offered caramelized sliced white onion strips.  The horseradish does give the barbecue a different twang.  But I wouldn’t tell others that it is a great discovery.  So-so.

I was told the barbequing of the meat, more like a gigantic outdoor rotisserie, takes three hours over a bed of alder wood,  Sometime before the final hour, the slabs of round beef are brushed with their unique sauce composed of horseradish (no wonder), red wine, mustard and undivulged spices.

I got another barbecue bun midway the lumberjack games.  I can wait for it next year.

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