June 11, 2016

Pasta Joey

While hiking around Bowen Island, I would envisage my day’s end reward of pasta.  What I had in mind became a reality nine hours later.  Yes I hiked a lot, up and down hills, with a few breaks now and then.

So here it goes:
Cooked linguini (or a pasta of your own choosing) with less water than usual, see http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/05/how-to-cook-pasta-salt-water-boiling-tips-the-food-lab.html 

In a separate pan, heat round bacon by itself till it oozes with sizzling fat – slicing into as small as you want pieces.  I prefer round bacon because it is less greasy than the common bacon strips.  You will see why.

When pasta is cooked beyond al dente – I like my pasta tender – with water reduced quite a bit because we started with less – use a pair of tongs to airlift the noodles to the pan of bacon still shrinking with its fat.  Now you see why.  Mix the duo, add garlic powder to taste, and keep warm in very low heat, occasionally swirling.

Now here is the critical element – hammer a bag of pork rind, also called Chicharron, into granular bits.  You can use a rolling pin while the rind is still in the unsealed plastic packet.  Choose a pork rind that has no added spices or flavors – the classic Filipino Chicharron works best (with the fat layer still intact) – in particular the U.S. brand Lapid’s Choice (Old Fashioned style).  Sprinkle the chicharron over the noodles.  Plate the pasta.  Shower with more Chicharron and grated Parmesan cheese or Romano.  Optional: ground black pepper

Pair with buttered toast – I had a spectacular cranberry studded sourdough (from West Lynn Bakery in North Vancouver).   

The outcome I named Pasta Joey rejuvenated my tired physique.  Sarap!

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