June 13, 2015


When you drive outside Vancouver, some farmers sell free-range chicken eggs – in some cases laid that day.  

The term free-range is loosely, or in this case more appropriately, "tightly" used.  Free-range means that the chickens spend part of the day outside the restrictive fines of a cage.

Carol with her chicken "Gloria"

Nearer to Yarrow than the commercial center of Chilliwack. on the way to Cultus Lake (along Giesbrecht Road which juts north of Vedder Mountain Road and on the way to Vedder campgrounds) Carol sells brown eggs for CAD$ 2.50 a dozen.  Friendly lady.  e-mail her at carolsvenningsen@shaw.ca if she has eggs for sale.  She and her husband used to raise sheep too until their beloved sheep dog had a heart attack – and then it was not the same anymore.  Carol said she misses the sheep.

A few miles away along Chilliwack Lake Road (# 46934), you will see a signage Farm Fresh Eggs.  A retiree couple, Mr. and Mrs. Len Farmer in their late 80s sell brown eggs at CAD$ 3.50 a dozen  (a dollar more than Carol but the eggs are bigger).  They keep the eggs in a refrigerator so hopefully they are fresh or fresher than the ones in supermarkets.   Brown eggs in the supermarkets cost CAD $3.50 a dozen as well.   

The Farmers Farm
The Farmers are not really farmers.  Mr. Len Farmer worked in a lumber mill for 40 plus years.  Len said if his father was still alive he would be chuckling to know that his son now has a farm.    When Len was growing up in a farm in Saskatchewan, he told his father the last thing he wants to become is a farmer.  

The Farmers actually met in high school, got married to someone else, both became widowed, reconnected and joined the knot in their senior years.    

Call the Farmers at 604 824 2394 to check for egg availability.   By the way, the Farmers give away their well=spent egg-laying chickens for free at the end of the year.  You just have to pick them up.  The meat will most likely be tough, but it sure will be terrific for soup.

Mr. Len Farmer with his chickens

Note: I visited the farms June 13, 2015

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