April 11, 2015


No it’s not a code.

There are two Vaisakhi Parades in British Columbia.  One is in Vancouver and the much larger one in Surrey.

On April 11th’s Vancouver’s Vaisakhi Parade, many homes had tents pitched in their front lawn and giving away (yes for free) food and drinks to anyone.  I chanced upon a house which was handing out vegetarian sandwiches (#348 at an avenue corner Fraser Street).

The sandwich had no name but when asked – they dubbed it as SMS (probably the initials for the 3 ladies making it).   Well SMS it is, and it was good from an unexpected set of fillings.

Sliced cucumber in circles as thinly as you can
Tomatoes again sliced cross-wise as thinly as you can
Red onion in rings as thinly as you can

Spread Philadelphia light cream cheese (see bucket on picture above)  on both sides of the bread (they were using Dempster’s white)
Layer the cucumber,  tomato and red onion to your desire
Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Cut the sandwich into 4 squares

Unexpectedly appetizing. SMS

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