December 7, 2014

Sans Rival

It was a dessert my mom used to make when we were kids.  I saw her do it a number of times and I know it is time consuming, difficult to make in a kitchen in tropical Philippines.  Sans Rival is after all layers of temperature sensitive buttercream, meringue, and chopped cashews.  The flourless cake is generously garnished with finely chopped cashew nuts all over: top and sides.

The recipe was adapted from making Dacquiose (a meringue cake) by Filipinos who studied in France during the 1920’s to 1930’s. Back in the Philippines with re-formulation, a new version emerged and was christened Sans Rival which is French for “without rival.”  Indeed it is.

In Vancouver BC, there are several purveyors of Sans Rival.  But the closest to what my mom makes is that by Kathrina “Rina” Goco-Saguin.  She talks about her endeavor in her Facebook account:

Rina makes 8 flavours of delicious Sans Rival cakes in Richmond, Canada.  To order you can either email or call her at 778 865 2665.  You have to place your order a few days in advance – weeks if not a month ahead during the Christmas Holidays.  Pick up is in her home in Richmond.

Price for a tall 9 inch was CAD$ 50.00 last December 2014.  It was worth every bite.

In retail bakeries in the Philippines a similar, smaller version of this recipe, cookie size, are sold as Silvana. But the palate experience is not the same.

Note:  Rina does not know I am writing about her Sans Rival business - so you can rest assure I am doing this on my own volition.

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