June 20, 2014

PASEO Sandwiches in Seattle

Folks in Seattle claim it is the best Cuban sandwich in town.  Paseo Caribbean Restaurant has gotten accolades from national magazines with tales of long lines and food running out so soon early in the day.  My curiosity was piqued.  What was this hype all about?
Even though Paseo won’t open till 11 am, I decided to skip breakfast so as to make sure my Paseo virginity, taste-wise, remained unsullied. 
There are two locations.  I went to the original –at Fremont.  The place is tiny – only 4 – 5 small square tables. 

And yes, lines do form around 12 Noon (I was there at 11 am) but not as long as has been claimed.  The place was clean and formica-ish.  In often wet and cold Seattle, Paseo has this daring façade of all glass French doors which were strewn open that summer day.  So it was very sunny and airy and paseo-ish (Paseo in Spanish can be translated as “esplanade”).

I ordered what was sidemarked in handwriting on the board menu Most Popular: "Caribbean Roast – Pork Shoulder Coated in Paseo Marinade & Slow Roasted Till Falling into Succulent Morsels”.   

Now that is good mouth-watering prose. Wait – there’s more.   

 All sandwiches are on a lightly toasted baguette slathered with aioli, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños, crisp romaine & caramelized onions."


The warm sandwich came like a wrap - wrapped in wax paper - on a cheap plastic plate – the kind used in low-budget Chinese restaurants. 

Verdict – it is not Cuban but Paseo never says so – its claim is Caribbean.  The messy to eat sandwich was tasty.  It should be with all that pork fat and oil to caramelize the onions, plus the aioli.  The romaine lettuce and cilantro were indeed fresh.  The pickled jalapenos added the kick.    It was a very filling $8.50.  I did find the baguette a bit too thick for my liking.

Nothing spectacular contrary to most TripAdvisor reviews – but that’s me.   Paseo is a place I would stroll to again if I am near the neighborhood - which I did two months later. 

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