June 5, 2013

PORT HARDY Vancouver Island

At 6:51 am I boarded the #19 bus and later transferref to 257 (or you can take the 250) on my way to the BC Ferry Terminal at Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver. 
It will be around 10:20 am when we would finally disembark at Nanaimo, the Harbour City in Vancouver Island. 

It has always been a mystery and curiosity for me to reach the end of a road. Especially if it is a long one.  Driving from Nanaimo heading to Port Hardy, it was a partly dull highway 19 until Campbell River city.  From thereon, the rest is two-thirds green beauty as you headed north.

Port Hardy is where BC Ferries ship out to farther Bella Coola or Prince Rupert on the mainland.  At Port Hardy, one can buy some smoked salmon at Hardy Buoys, albeit done in a factory, and not in a traditional First Nation’s shack smoke house.   

Fresh off the boat Halibut with tartar sauce

And the Halibut fresh off the boat is worth the $ 13 – 18 fish and chips they charge at Glen Lyon’s Inn.   Halibut is a very delectable sole.  Captain Hardy’s Restaurant serves a good-portion halibut burger with heaps of hash browns for less than $14.

Main Street Port Hardy tries to have charm but with its boxy architecture?

There is the eye-catching rocky clock.

Port Hardy also has the distinction (my distinction) of having the quietest aand saddest mall in the world ironically loudly named Thunderbird.  More of this in a separate post Thunderbird.

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