December 16, 2012

Chili Mayo Sauce

I recently went for “dinner” at Wild Rice restaurant in Vancouver’s downtown Chinatown.  Dinner in quotation marks because most of the menu at Wild Rice downtown (there’s another one in New Westminster) are snack size even though they are referred to as Plates (euphemism for entrees).

I ordered their:

char siu bao $10
house made bbq pork buns, chili mayo

Two pieces of what looks like a 2 inch hockey puck shaped flaky dough with pulled pork inside.  It was good.

But the surprising star was the sauce, the Chili Mayo sauce.

I requested the server if she can ask for the recipe, which the chef obligingly gave:

o   Mayonnaise  (they said they were using Hellmann’s mayonnaise)

o   Lemon

o   Honey

o   and Sambal Oelek – an Indonesian paste made from ground red chilis, sometimes including salt, brown sugar, lime or lemongrass as well.  Sambal oelek is often used to add heat to dishes without overpowering the other flavors.   Sambal oelek can be made fresh or purchased in supermarkets.
No specific amounts were given - so just mix the above to your taste.  In the dimly-lit restaurant, the chili mayo sauce had a light yellow tone.

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