September 12, 2012

Tita Nilda’s Chicken

It was a summer in Ohio that I learned from my Tita (aunt) Nilda a very simple dish but one that never fails to appease anyone from any nationality at any age who eats chicken.  Hence I call it Tita Nilda’s Chicken.

You just need two ingredients:

  • Chicken with bones – whole or parts (so long as there are bones)
  • A small bottle of Italian Dressing (regular, not zesty or creamy – although it would not hurt to try).  Kraft brand is good but any make is fine.  In this case I used a No Name kind.

Marinate the chicken in Italian dressing overnight in the refrigerator – turning over once in a while whenever you can or remember (if you forget, that is fine).  You may pierce the chicken several times to help in the infusion of the dressing.

Then stew medium heat on stove top or bake at 350 F for around an hour plus or so - until inside flesh is cooked (cut deep into the meat to check).

When done, let the dish rest and cool or again store overnight in the fridge.  I find it more appealing for one’s taste buds to get  a lukewarm or somewhat cold sensation while chewing Tita Nilda’s chicken.  Combine with roasted potatoes or parsnips or yams or rice and Ayos! (Ah – yosh – Pilipino for It is good!).

What makes the Italian Dressing a good marinade?  If you look at the ingredients, it has vinegar, garlic, citrus and bell pepper.

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