March 31, 2012


One weekend, my lovely Surinamese friends invited me to overnight in Blakawatra (sometimes spelled two words Blaka Watra) - pidgin English for black water.   The blackness is from dried tree leaves falling and decaying inking the water.  Surinamese also call the place cola watra, after the black Coca Cola drink.
On our way there we rode on this blue van which had a busted tire about 15 kilometers short of arrival . Slowly but surely we made it.  Amazing!

 In the hot humid tropics, Blakawatra surrounded by trees was a very cool oasis.
There are cabins built from cement available for rent.  The only thing you must be aware of at night is to make sure you store your food properly.  Rats as big as cats will scuttle under your hammock.  Surprisingly that night I don't recall being bothered by mosquitos or flies.

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