December 24, 2010


We have been so steeped in Christmas traditions that it often surprises people to know that:

Hendel’s messiah – popularly performed with a sing along (standing of course - there’s a story behind this) was meant for Easter – celebration of Jesus death and resurrection and not the Messiah’s birth

The bible never said there were three wise men. They could be two or twenty and they were certainly not Kings. Kings usually travel with an army. The number three could have have been attributed to the three gifts myrrh, frankinsence and Surprisingly, no gold or silver.

At his birth in the manger – there were only shepherds. The wise men came almost a year later in Jesus’ house not the manger.

Jesus birth was definitely not in December based on the fact that the shepherds were out at night with their sheep. This could onjly happen durimg the warmest months in israle which is February to May.

Christmas was not celebrated until 340 years later from the birth of Christ

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